Is LawModo a law firm?

No, we are not a law firm. We are a technology company comprised mostly of attorneys. And, we built LawModo to help people, like you, to find affordable legal assistance.

How does it work, exactly?

Attorneys login to LawModo from everywhere. They only login when they know they will have time to answer your questions. This allows for you, the User, to select any ‘Active’ attorney and talk with him or her for only $2 per minute (with a five-minute minimum). Talk as long as you need, and hang-up whenever you wish.

What kind of assistance can I get?

You may ask the right attorney whatever you wish. However, please keep in mind that every legal issue is dependent upon the facts and circumstances of each case. In certain cases an attorney may only be able to explain the law. This way you will be able to a decision that is best for you.

Are attorneys always available?

Yes, LawModo operates 24/7. We are designed so that attorneys may login whenever they please. This allows attorneys to work through the night. It also allows the Users to find legal assistance at any hour.

How much will I be charged?

The beauty of the system is that it allows you to be in control. LawModo will never begin charging until you are connected with an attorney. After that, each minute costs $2 (with a five-minute minimum). Talk as long as you need. Hang-up whenever you wish. Once the call has ended an e-receipt will be mailed to your account.

How will I know what I was charged?

As soon as the call has concluded, you will be emailed an e-receipt.

Will the attorney I talk to be my attorney moving forward?

No. No attorney/client relationship is formed from any call. However, if after speaking with an attorney, you desire to hire one to represent you in your legal matter you may. This can be done by contacting an attorney directly.

Must I ever formally hire an attorney?

It is always best to formally hire an attorney to handle your legal matter. However, for most people, that just is not financially possible. Attorneys cost money and most families don’t have the money to pay attorneys’ fees. LawModo helps those without a big budget to find legal assistance.

May I speak with multiple attorneys?

Yes. You may speak with as many attorneys as you need. Review all the attorneys and select any ‘Active’ attorney to speak with right away. If you desire to speak with that attorney again you may do so. You may also speak with any other ‘Active’ attorney. If the attorney you spoke with before is ‘Inactive’, you may wait until they are ‘Active’ or select another that is available right away.

How do I select an attorney?

You will want to select an attorney that practices in the state where the issue took place. You will also want to find an attorney practicing in the specific area of law. Once you have done that you should be talking with an attorney that can help.

How am I connected with the attorney?

LawModo connects you through our online telephone system.

What if an attorney is not online? May I still contact them?

Yes. You may send any attorney that is not ‘Active’ an email regarding your issues or concerns. This service is free. However, attorney responses are not guaranteed. The best way to guarantee that you get answers is by talking with an ‘Active’ attorney over the telephone.

Why use LawModo?

Because it is FREE! You will also get business from those who typically would not hire an attorney. Advertising: Even if you don’t login to accept phone calls, you are still on a free attorney directory. This is very helpful with Search Engine Optimization.

What is LawModo’s business target?

LawModo targets everyone who is in need of an attorney. We have a directory for you to advertise your services, strengthening your Internet presence.
We also have a unique feature, which allows attorneys to speak with Users on the telephone and get paid. As an attorney you are not required to login and participate in ‘Active’ telephone conversations. If you only wish to be added to the directory, then go ahead and sign-up. But, if you find that you like the ability to earn money by taking calls, then you may design your profile and go ‘Active’ whenever you please.

Is there any cost?

No. It is FREE to sign up, if you do so early. And, you will earn $2 per minute for each minute spent talking with Users (see Terms of Use for specifics). We also encourage you to turn Users into clients, if based on your assessment, they need representation. LawModo is not involved if any attorney/client relationship is formed. This is done at your own discretion and on your own terms.

Will you get paid to participate?

Yes. You will earn $2 per minute for each minute spent talking with Users (see Terms of Use for specifics).

How do I sign up?

Go on to LawModo.com and click Logon/Register link located on the upper right-hand corner. Complete the registration and then log into your account to add information about your practice. Once your profile is complete, sign in and go ‘Active’ to accept calls. Log out when you don’t want to be bothered.
If you do not want to participate in ‘Active’ telephone calls that’s fine. By having a profile created on our site you might receive emails inquiring into your services.

Should I give legal advice or is this to get clients?

LawModo serves both purposes. The attorney directory is your method of free advertisement with us. If you decide to go ‘Active’ and receive calls, LawModo expects you to give legal assistance. However, if the User decides to retain you, give them your personal contact information to make this arrangement complete (however you see fit).

May I sign new clients through LawModo?

Yes. By signing up with LawModo, your profile will always appear as part of our attorney directory. Additionally, if a User decides to retain you during a telephone call, give them your personal contact information to make this arrangement complete (however you see fit).

When should I log into the system to accept calls?

Log on and go active only when you know you are available to answer the phone. Make sure you answer the phone when you are ‘Active.’ LawModo monitors the system at all times. If this becomes an issue for any particular attorney, LawModo will take the necessary steps to uphold the integrity of our company.

What happens if I miss a call from LawModo?

LawModo provides superior services to the Users and Attorneys. If you are loged in to take calls, LawModo expects you to be available to take incoming calls. LawModo also understand that someties things happen that will cause you to miss a call, that is why our LawModo system will call the User and provide him/her with alternative available attorneys.

Why am I only allowed to take calls on my cell phone?

Your own personal cell phone is potentially the only direct line to you. Plus having a mobile phone will allow you to take calls from anywhere and does not tie you down to a particular location. This will also insure a higher success rate of connection with the attorney. LawModo strives to be the best at what we do, and happy costumers will mean repeat customers.
The costumer will not see your number and you will not see the costumer’s number. LawModo will call you from 1-888-987-MODO and will also call the costumer from the same number. Once you accept the call, our system will connect the two.

Can I sign up for multiple areas of law?

Yes. You may sign up and take calls for any area of law in which you practice.

Can I sign up for multiple states?

Not just yet. But we are working on that!

Will the User see my cell phone number?

No. All calls to Attorneys and Users will come from our system. 1-888-987-MODO.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact LawModo reguarding any of your questions. Contact us